Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things I'm Doing

I've been very lazy about updating my blog because NO ONE reads it! I'm basically writing to myself and The Yellow Gator.

Just so I know for the future what I've been up to lately, I'll post:

1. I've read Maureen Johnson's blog (YA author) and that took two weeks. Extremely funny, clever person.

2. Reading MJ's blog pointed me to John Green (another YA author), whose book "Looking for Alaska" was very entertaining and emotional. I've just finished reading his entire blog archive and this took me to...

3. Brotherhood 2.0 - John Green and his brother, Hank Green agreed to just video blog to each other for the entire year of 2007. Funny, clever and educational (hehe).

4. I've decided to scrap my WIP about Carly - for now. I have hit a brick wall and I just can't make her very likeable.

5. I'm reading "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott. Most excellent so far.

6. I'm also reading "Gilead" by Marilynne Robinson. The CompuServe forum (see link below) is doing a book club thingie and this is the first book. I haven't posted my thoughts there so far because I am having trouble getting into the book.

7. Destructo is learning new words daily. He now says, "I love you" (could be "Where are you", but I'm being optimistic), "Don't know", "Cookie", "Ice Cream", and lots of other things that we haven't identified quite yet. He'll be two in May, which means he's growing up way too fast.


Niki said...

OK - seriously - you have a great sense of humor. It shows in your writing. I also just checked out your Yellow Gator blog and I think it is very clever, too. We met, recently, through the compuseve thingy. I have been there with wanting to put aside a WIP b/c of a character. Are there, perhaps, other characters who might be able to make an entrance and move things along? Perhaps a very likable character with whom you would enjoy spending your time?

Tara said...


Thanks so much for your kind words!

The Yellow Gator is actually a little rubbery gator-toy that my son swiped from my niece. It sits on my dashboard and (crazy me) I talk to it about story ideas as I'm driving!

I need a hand held recorder... (g)

MM said...

Keep up the blog. I'm a new reader and YA writer. I'd love to do a reciprocal blog link

Sarah said...

Dear Tara,

Seems like there are some people reading your blog! Here's another reader/fan. [g] When will you start giving autographs?

NBB said...

And here's another reader :)

I just realized through Jen's blog that you have a blog of your own. :)

And *I* cannot be sure who is ever reading my entries as well, but I kinda write them for myself, just to get some things off my chest or get my thoughts in order.