Friday, December 7, 2007

Story Ideas

Blurbs. That's what I've been doing lately. Just Blurbs.

I can't get into the story I've been slowly working on. I don't know if it's the plot or that I simply don't give a rat's ass about the characters (which, in my opinion, is pretty bad since they come from *my head*!). I was reading last night on DG's website that story ideas are the *easy* part of writing - I have to disagree. I can't come up with a plot to save my life! I feel confident that if I can just come up with an idea that the words will flow. lieu of a concrete idea, I've just been writing blurbs of crap on my flash drive. When I get bored, or start looking too closely at what I've written, I move on to something else. I'm not sure if this is helping me at all, but I feel I'm at least accomplishing the "Just Write" directive!

If I wasn't spending most of my time checking out the forum - procrastinating - I'd probably be better off! Well, that and reading all of the blogs of forumites! (Infinitely better than this one - go check them out now and stop wasting your time here! )


Monday, October 22, 2007

WIP Woes

In preparation for the Forum's October X and Halloween House Party, I've been trying to "see" my MC's more clearly. Huge issues with Anna - Carly's best friend. I'm trying to make her stay a short, thin, italian with cropped hair. She, however, WANTS to be a short, big-breasted, full-bodied black woman. (see "Lula" from Janet Evanovich's Plum series)

I can't get her to conform to what I would like her to be. So, the question is how do I write her without copying another author's character? I'm fairly certain that the outspoken, big-boobed black best friend has been done well enough that my measly writing won't add anything of value.

Sigh. Then we have Carly. One of the twins that the story is all about. She doesn't have her own voice. She has MINE. I need to figure out how to fix this.

So, here's what I've done this month: puttered around with chunk writing; posted a half-assed October X and while I received great feedback, I'm still lost as to how to fix it; posted character descriptions for the House Party that I'm not very confident about; started writing Carly and Anna's entrance to the House Party without knowing who will be there or how they get there.

Yay, me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No longer a blogging "virgin"!

Today marks the appearance of my first blog.

It won't be a long one - I'm unable to form a coherent thought at the moment, and I'm not sure that I have anything to say of interest to the outside world.

Negativity aside, my purpose with this blog is to get in the habit of writing everyday and improving on my voice. As someone said on the Books and Writers forum - make shiny that is my goal in starting this blog.