Monday, April 21, 2008

Plagiarism and Stalking

Thanks to Jo, I've been immersed in controversy today...

It all started with Dear Author, and their post about an author who is gunning for an Amazon reviewer who gave her book 3 stars. This falls over the Edge Of Crazy in a big way.

Then, through a series of convoluted jumps (one thing always leads to another with me), I ended up on Smart Bitches reading about the very satisfying conclusion to the Cassie Edwards plagiarism debacle. Everything was going well until a weird-ass troll (using surprisingly good spelling and grammar!) decided to attack everyone, and in particular, NORA ROBERTS. Ms. Roberts is a frequent commenter on SB and was part of the discussion on the CE news.

The troll complimented Ms. Roberts by calling her a Bitch (on the Smart Bitches site - just too freakin' funny!), and basically made an ass out of his/her self. He/she then backpedaled faster than hell after the revelation that plagiarism is actually STEALING SOMEONE ELSE'S WORDS AND USING THEM AS YOUR OWN, and threw out a half-assed apology ("Ass" is now the Word Of The Day) to Ms. Roberts.

Now, I've never read a book by Cassie Edwards and until this whole issue came up, I had no plans to. They always seemed like Crap Romance to me.

But because of all the hollering, I don't think I'll be able to resist buying one the next time I visit my neighborhood B & N.

Weird, considering that I refuse to look at car wrecks like most people do.


Sarah said...

Dear Tara,

You've been tagged! =)