Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

Ok, this is my first - getting tagged? Being a Tagee? Dunno. Saw this on Claire's blog, and thought I'd give it a try.

1. Got kicked off Madonna's rented property when in Evansville, IN for the shooting of A League of Their Own by HER. (g)

2. Seen over 40 golf courses around the country before they had grass and landscaping - a whole new perspective (Dad builds them).

3. Got completely lost near Arbot Street in Moscow while trying to ditch KGB agents. Unsuccessfully.

4. Spent 3 weeks in Russia as a Student Ambassador. Met with various government officials in Smolensk, Minsk and Moscow.

5. Had a beer in EVERY bar in Marseilles, France after passing up a trip to the Vatican on Christmas Eve to hear the Pope give mass (not catholic - still regret this decision!)

6. Snuck to to the very top of the Bank of America Tower in Jacksonville, Florida while it was still being built to complete an assignment for a Photography class.

7. Caught a football from Lamar Parrish of the Washington Redskins. He was part of a publicity thing put together because I was the first girl on the Royal Palm Beach Flag Football team in Palm Beach, FL.

8. Dated a cop and a flight instructor at the same time - shot a Glock 9mm AND flew a plane by myself in the same day (isn't college great?)

9. Stood on the sea wall on Folly Beach, SC (Charleston) as hurricane Hugo was coming ashore. I was an idiot in love with the ocean. We were moving away that day.

10. Got tied to the main condenser pipe on the USS Platte and sprayed with seawater from a fire hose on the Adriatic Sea in January. (My co-workers REALLY liked me!)

And there you have it.